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School Category: Colleges and Universities

  • School Profile


    Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) was established as a Government Executive Agency under the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997. On 1st July 2002 the establishment Act mandated it to provide education in Accountancy, Procurement and Logistics, Research and Consultancy activities and other business related academic fields.

    TIA is accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Technical Education (NACTE) as an Institution of Higher Learning, registered by NBAA and PSPTB to offer training or conduct programmes in the fields of accountancy, procurement and logistics Management and other business related fields.

    Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania situated in north-west Tanzania. The city acts as a port on the shores of Lake Victoria as well as a major commercial centre not only for Tanzania but the Great lakes region (with countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi) where a lot of inter-country business are carried out. The geographical location of Mwanza is such that the weather remains favourable all throughout the year. The beautiful Tanzanian city is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape features. The Bismarck Rocks are wonderful to look at with large deposits of granite. The Victoria Lake in the backdrop enhances the beauty of Mwanza. Mwanza Airport is close to the main city and there are daily flights to and from Dar es Salam, Arusha, Bukoba and Shinyanga and even beyond Trade relations are well-maintained as railways connect Mwanza to Dar es Salam and Dodoma. Roads also connect the city to all the Regional Capitals .Tanzania Institute of accountancy is located 10KM from Mwanza City Centre along to Musoma Mwanza Road

    A warm, safe, and caring environment of Mwanza Campus allows students to “influence the nature of the activities they undertake, engage seriously in their studies, regulate their behavior, and know of the explicit criteria and high expectations.

  • Admissions

    Courses Offered

    NTA Level 4 Courses (One Year Course)

    • Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy
    • Basic Technician Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management

    NTA Level 5&6 Courses (Two Year Courses)

    • Diploma in Accountancy
    • Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
    Bachelor Degree Courses (Three Years Courses)
    • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
    • Bachelor Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management
    Postgraduate Courses (One Year Courses)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management


    Admission Criteria

    Minimum Entry qualifications:

    (a)For BASIC TECHNICIAN Certificate Course (NTA 4) :( one year)

    1. At least Four passes of grade “D” in relevant subjects excluding Religious subjects or above in the Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education. OR
    2. National Vocational Award LEVEL 2 accompanied with at least two passes at Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education

    (b)For Diploma Courses (NTA Level 5& 6): (Two years):

    (i) Basic Technician Certificate in related programmes accompanied with at least four passes at Ordinary Certificate of Secondary   Education (CSEE). Certificates from other institutes will be evaluated by the institute

    (ii) Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education with at least one principle and one subsidiary in relevant subjects excluding Religious Subjects.

    (iii) National Vocational Award LEVEL 3 accompanied with at least two passes at Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education

    (c)For Bachelor Degree Courses (NTA Level 7&8) :( Three Years)

    1. Two principal passes with a total of 4.0 points from two subjects where A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1 for applicants who completed A- Level studies before 2014 and from 2016 or Where A=5, B+=4,B=3,C=2,D=1 for candidates who completed A-Level studies in 2014 and 2015
    2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications with B+ grade where A=75-100, B+=65- 74, B=50-64, C=40-49, F=0-38
    3. Equivalent qualification At least four O’-Level passes (D’s and above) or NVA Level III with at least two O’ Level passes or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by NECTA or VETA together with one of the following
    4. At least a GPA of 3.0 for Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6)
    5. Average of C for Full Technician Certificate (FTC) where A=5, B=4, C=3 and D=2 points

    iii. Average of B Grade for Diploma in Teacher Education

    1. Average of B Grade for Health –related awards such as Clinical Medicine
    2. A Distinction for unclassified diplomas
    3. Upper second Class for classified non NTA diplomas

    (d) For Postgraduate Diplomas Programmes

    (i) Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma in Accountancy or Procurement from any reputable institution


    (ii) NBAA CPA Intermediate Stage


    (iii) PSPTB CPSP Intermediate stage