Rungwe International College of Business and Entrepreneurship Development (RICOBED)-Mbeya

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School Category: Colleges

  • School Profile
    Rungwe International College of Business and Entrepreneurship Development (RICOBED)

    RICOBED is a community based college established by guarantee in order to serve the community with the focus on developing business workforce and entrepreneurship development career, technical education and academic preparation for University.

    The College operates under the governance of Governing Body which is its highest authority.

    The College offers Certificate and Diploma Courses in Accountancy,Procurement and Supply.

    The college is fully  registered by National Council for Technical Education(NACTE) with REG No :                           NACTE REG/BTP/019

    RICOBED has an integral part of the Certificate program in entrepreneurship Studies.

    RICOBED is located at Mwambenja Avenue- Katumba, Tukuyu in Mbeya Region southern highland of Tanzania.

    Our Vision

    The college will take the leading role in providing high quality educational programmes for learning to the students.

    Mission Statement

    Greater community access to higher and technical education by increasing opportunities for both international and national students.

    Core Purpose

    Developing Entrepreneurs for Culturally-Enriched Communities.

  • Admissions

    Programme Offered:

    Certificate Programmes(NTA Level 4)

    Basic Technitian Certificate In Procurement and Supply

    Diploma Programmes(NTA Level 5&6)

    Ordinary Diploma in Procurement and Supply

    Admission requirement for joining RICOBED

    Certificate-NTA level 4 (Nine Months)
    • Minimum requirements for all Basic Certificate programs is a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with at least four (D) passes excluding religious Subjects.

    Diploma (Two years)
    • One principal pass and one subsidiary Pass obtained in the advanced certificate of secondary education or its equivalent ,or

    • Relevant Basic Certificate obtained from a NACTE recognized institution.

    Application for admission

    The college will invite applications for the courses through advertisements made in the Media and websites. Applications will only be considered if they include full details of the applicant’s personal and educational history. Copies of National Certificates of Education and any other relevant certificates/testimonials supporting the qualifications stated should be enclosed. Birth Certificates should also be included. Applicants are required to attach photocopies of the relevant certificates or testimonials.

    Eligible applicants will be furnished with application forms upon payment of Tshs 20,000/= which is non-refundable

    Application forms
    • All applicants’ forms can be obtained from the Registrar’s office or can be downloaded from this web page when applications are officially open. The dully filled forms must reach the Rector’s office on or before the date indicated on the advertisement calling for applications for the particular academic year. All applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications their forms will not be considered.

    • Applicants who meet minimum qualifications will be selected

    • Deadline for registration of the first year students shall be two weeks from the first date of the orientation course.

    • Admission shall be granted to students only after they have produced evidence of payment of fees for that semester together with original Secondary School certificates and their Birth Certificates for verification;

    • All students are expected to conform entirely to the college regulations;

    • Except in special circumstances, no student shall be allowed to change a course.

    For More Details about admission and Related issues about the College Please Contact us through the following Addresses:

    P.O. Box 564, Mwambenja Avenue Tukuyu-Mbeya

    Tel. 025 2552664

    Cell: 0753-889495 / 0715-327942/ 0763-788088,