Feza Nursery School Dar es Salaam

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School Category: DayCare Centers and Primary Schools

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    Welcome to Feza Primary School- Dar Es Salaam 

    We believe that education is a shared responsibility and that the successful operation of a school depends on the cooperation of everyone involved: students, parents, and staff. The mission of Feza Primary School is to create a partnership among the members of this triad. Each of us is responsible for doing his or her part to make our school a place where we can all work and strive together in harmony.

    The Ishik Medical and Education Foundation established this prestigious School, in 2001 at Mikocheni. The school started with one class of six children and one teacher. The education programme applies to 3 – 6 years children.

    Our nursery school is oriented towards developing children’s ability in all spheres of learning throughout the nursery school years and preparing children to start formal education.

    Currently we have three levels of pre-school education which consist of 13 classes in total. We have 295 children from all levels. Each class is supervised with two competent teachers, a class teacher and a teaching assistant. We have a well modern dining hall which serves a nutritious balanced and varied breakfast each day.

    We have a well equipped outdoor play ground including swings, seesaws and jumping castle. Here we provide you with quality service, positive approach, competent and caring staff.


    “Be Better Educated”

  • Admissions

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    Please do not hesitate to  contact us through the following  address:

    Feza Nursery  School,

    P.O.Box 77965,

    Dar Es Salaam.

    Phone:+255 712 339 235

    Website: www.fezaschools.com