About Us

www.shulezetu.or.tz     is a website which is meant to provide news , updates and Promotion about education and related issues in Tanzania.We are committed to bring education news and all of its related issues closer to stakeholders.We provide assistance in addressing the challenges which the institutions(education Institutions/Schools) face,achievements and other related issues..

In this website we will introduce,Promote and advertise the schools /Colleges from where they are located to what services they offer to students.Among of the key Areas we deal with Are as follows:

  1. School Name

  2. Registration Number

  3. School Address

  4. Admission Details

  5. School Fees Structure

  6. Location

  7. Contacts

  8. Any Other Details about Schools/colleges&universities

The website  and it is Managed by SHULEZETU TANZANIA of P.O.Box 75241,Dar-Es-Salaam

More Contacts can be obtained  through  This Link.


To be a reliable and a dependable website for all school information from the grassroots schools to the high level in Tanzania


To have in place a reliable and dependable website which will enable accessibility by all stakeholders thus parents,guardians,teachers,authorities and students information of schools of their choice from private to public schools of all levels which are available in Tanzania.