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The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has received an official communication from the Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Dar Es Salaam, announcing of the availability of opportunities/scholarships to study in Indonesian Universities at Bachelors and Masters level programs for the year 2014 – 2015.

The scholarships will be granted to 114 foreign students for Masters Program and 10 foreign students for Bachelors degree from all over the world. The registration will be from January 2014 to 15th April 2014. Applications shall be done on-line through the links below:
beasiswaknb@dikti.go.id ” or knb.scholarship@gmail.com

Candidates who are ready to study in Indonesia and meet the above mentioned criteria are encouraged to apply.

Candidates who are ready to study in Indonesia and meet the above mentioned criteria are encouraged to apply.
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The Government of the Russian Federation has Granted to the United Republic of Tanzania 9 (Nine) State Scholarships for the 2014/2015 Academic year.

Applications are invited from qualified Tanzanians, to apply for the 9 (Nine) state scholarships in the 2014/2015 academic year. These includes 8 scholarships for undergraduate (bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist’s degree) and 1 for postgraduate (Internship, Clinical residency, PhD) courses

Candidates applying for scholarships must:-

·         have Advanced Secondary Education with either, passes of “A”,”B”,”C” grades;

·         have completed  Advanced Secondary School education within 3 years;

·         have age not more than 25 years at the time of application and not more than 35 years for postgraduates;

·         should have undergone a thorough medical examination including a HIV/AIDS test;

·         submit the following documents written in Russian or English:

–          Candidate’s application form with photo attached (a sample enclosed herewith);

–          Passport photocopy (all pages must be easily read for arranging  invitation, validity expiring no later than 18 month since the day of education visa is valid;

–          Copy of birth certificate with translation into Russian language;

–          Copy of medical certificate confirming absence of contradictory  evidence for studying, given by official health authority of the country of residence;

–          Copy of medical certificate  confirming the absence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) given by officia health authority of the country of residence;

–          Copy of certificate of education with a list of studied subjects and exam results attached;

–          When applying for a postgraduate course a candidates also submits the following documents:

–          For a postgraduate course (internship/clinical studies) – synopsis upon the topic of research of Russian language (1-2 pages of printed text) and a list of publication if any

–          For a doctoral candidate (PhD) synopsis upon the topic of research on Russian language and a list of publications

–          Translation of all documents into the Russian language must be notarized.

–          Postgraduate  training candidates must submit notarized copies of their Diplomas, the result books, lists of the publishes research works (if any) and synopsis on the chosen subject of further research (up to 2  pages) Graduates from Russian Higher Education Institutions must write synopsis in Russian.

The files of candidates’ documents must be submitted to the Federal Agency for Education through the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Dar es Salaam before April 5, 2014.  Incomplete files will not be considered.  “Slips” statements of Results) instead of the Advanced Secondary Education Certificate are accepted.

Candidates enrolled for studies as undergraduate students should arrive in Russia on September 1-15, 2014 and postgraduate students – before December 1, 2014


Successful candidates shall be entitled to receive the following:-

·         A monthly student’s allowance;

·         Accommodation in students campuses

·         Candidate are also recommended to come to Russia well equipped for all weather conditions (all seasons clothes and footwear); to have the amount of money not less than 250 (two hundred fifty) US dollars to cover expenses for travelling from the city of Moscow to the place of studies; be able to cover “daily” expenses during the whole period of studying (not less than 250 (two hundred fifty) US dollars per month).

·         At the same time each candidate should obtain obligatory policy for medical insurance (not less than two hundred fifty dollars per year)

·         The Russian Side will not cover travel expenses of the enrolled candidates to the place of studies and back home after their graduation

·         The Tanzanian Side will bear travel expenses of the  candidate


–          Application Form

–          List of Specialization of Higher Professional Educational Programs

–          List of medical contraindication for  the admission of foreigners at the Russian Higher Educational Establishments

–          All applications must be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training,

Department of Higher Education,

P.O. Box 9121,

The deadline  for receiving application is 5th April,2014